Mixtape Connection 2009 – it is happening, again!

Mixtape Connection 2009
Mixtape Connection 2009
Mixtape Connection Vol. 1 - July 2005
Mixtape Connection Vol. 1 - July 2005

Hey yo!

Woah! I can’t believes it but we’re throwing another Mixtape Connection party! For those who don’t know, the Mixtape Connection was a monthly Indie-Rock, Electro, whatever, Club night that was held at Capitol Bar on Hereford Street throughout 2005 and 2006. The line-up at the first party was Missy G from RDU’s Girlschool, Richard from Guitar Media (you can now find him online at Rose Quartz) and myself from the Mixtape Sessions, known then as Mr Hitchcock (I had not yet gained my PhD in Scientology). Indie Slut joined the crew at gig 2 and  became a resident after Richard moved to Australia in Dec 05. Back in the day it was a fully functional indie death star, complete with cassette mixtapes, zines, CDs, t-shirts, badges, atari games on flatscreen, music videos and stamps. For some old photos from the December 05 party visit here. It was pretty cool while it lasted and I know that all who were involved miss it heaps. So anyways, I bumped into Missy G at Goodbye Blue Monday (GBM) sometime last month and she suggested that we throw another party and do it there! What a grand idea! All of us hang out and DJ there all the time these days so why not!

Here are the deets:
Girlschool and StarlifterRadio.com present:
Mixtape Connection 2009
Saturday 28th November
10pm @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Feat. DJs Missy G, Indie Slut, Dr Hitchcock and Apex Beat.
50 CDs – mixed and mashed by Dr H – for the first 50 party peeps who give him the secret codeword “paper rad”.
Free entry.

So that’s the buzz. I really hope that you can make it to the party and come hang with us. Our tunes may have changed a bit since ’05 but the buzz will be just as solid.

Dr H

P.S. Currently playing on StarlifterRadio.com this week is: the Time Machine mix set from Zombie Nation, the SOS Promo mix from Wellington based DJ Jetpilot and my latest mix set, Interstella Beats Intergalatic – Vol 1. If you have any tunes or mixes that you think would sound good on Starlifter Radio send me a message via Twitter @starliftertv or email drh (at) starlifter.tv – choice!