Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary Party

Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary flyer

Hey Mixtapers,

Well apparently it’s been a decade since I threw my first gig and club night. The Mixtape Connection was a monthly club night riding high on the indie dance rock vibe that was being driven by the likes of DFA Records and LCD Soundsystem. There were plenty of bands playing around Christchurch at the time but not many rock’n’roll DJs. Richard MacFarlane, Missy G, Bill (Indie Slut) and myself decided to change that and throw our own party at Capitol Bar. It ran every month for a year and a half and it was fun while it lasted. Since then we’re thrown on average a party a year. Missy G plays around Christchurch ALL THE TIME and Bill ran another club night called the Nu Trend with Daniel Millar (Tobiaz) and Annie Kean. The Mixtape Connection was a real launchpad for me and the rest of the crew, it helped us hone our DJing skills and get our names out there. Since then I’ve lived in Melbourne twice and played parties on both sides of the Tasman and at some big festivals.

We also put out a CD of Christchurch music..

This is NOT the Christchurch sound – Vol. 1 by Starlifter Radio on Mixcloud

I’d like to thank all the party peeps and everyone else who got involved with the parties over the years. For those still in town hopefully we’ll see you at Smashies! Also, many thanks to Brian Feary from Melted Ice Cream for the work on the gig flyer.

So come on down to Smash Palace on High Street to see the return of Christchurch’s most notorious scene elders for one night only of Rock, Brit-Pop, 80s, Electro-Clash, and whatever Missy G is gonna play, probably John B ;D

Here are the deets for your next dose of nostelgia:

Mixtape Connection 10th Anniversary!

Missy G [GirlSchool | RDU],
Indie Slut [Human Pleasure | RDU],
Dr Hitchcock [Mixtape 8014 | Starlifter Radio],
Pinacolada Sound System [On The Decks | RDU].

Saturday 4th July.
20:00 – 02:00.
Smash Palace, High Street, Christchurch.
Free entry.

For more info stayed tuned to Starlifter Radio or listen to the following shows on RDU 98.5 FM:
GirlSchool – Tuesday 18:00-19:30
Human Pleasure – Monday 18:00-20:00
On the Decks – Saturday 14:00-16:00

Dr H xox.

P.S. If I can motivated I might even broadcast the gig live on Starlifter but we’ll see how we go ;p

Photos – Mixtape Connection 2009

Hey you! Thanks so very much to everyone who came down and partied with us at Goodbye Blue Monday (GBM) on Saturday night. GBM was packed, the crowd was heaving and the Mixtape Crew laid down the most rockin’, floor stomping electro and retro pop around town. A huge thank-you to Indie Slut, Missy G, Apex Beat, and Goodbye Blue Monday for your choice moistness! There’s sure to be more parties in 2010 so keep your ear to the net yo!

Dr H

Here are some more photos of what went down!

Mixtape Connection 2009 – it is happening, again!

Mixtape Connection 2009
Mixtape Connection 2009
Mixtape Connection Vol. 1 - July 2005
Mixtape Connection Vol. 1 - July 2005

Hey yo!

Woah! I can’t believes it but we’re throwing another Mixtape Connection party! For those who don’t know, the Mixtape Connection was a monthly Indie-Rock, Electro, whatever, Club night that was held at Capitol Bar on Hereford Street throughout 2005 and 2006. The line-up at the first party was Missy G from RDU’s Girlschool, Richard from Guitar Media (you can now find him online at Rose Quartz) and myself from the Mixtape Sessions, known then as Mr Hitchcock (I had not yet gained my PhD in Scientology). Indie Slut joined the crew at gig 2 and  became a resident after Richard moved to Australia in Dec 05. Back in the day it was a fully functional indie death star, complete with cassette mixtapes, zines, CDs, t-shirts, badges, atari games on flatscreen, music videos and stamps. For some old photos from the December 05 party visit here. It was pretty cool while it lasted and I know that all who were involved miss it heaps. So anyways, I bumped into Missy G at Goodbye Blue Monday (GBM) sometime last month and she suggested that we throw another party and do it there! What a grand idea! All of us hang out and DJ there all the time these days so why not!

Here are the deets:
Girlschool and StarlifterRadio.com present:
Mixtape Connection 2009
Saturday 28th November
10pm @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Feat. DJs Missy G, Indie Slut, Dr Hitchcock and Apex Beat.
50 CDs – mixed and mashed by Dr H – for the first 50 party peeps who give him the secret codeword “paper rad”.
Free entry.

So that’s the buzz. I really hope that you can make it to the party and come hang with us. Our tunes may have changed a bit since ’05 but the buzz will be just as solid.

Dr H

P.S. Currently playing on StarlifterRadio.com this week is: the Time Machine mix set from Zombie Nation, the SOS Promo mix from Wellington based DJ Jetpilot and my latest mix set, Interstella Beats Intergalatic – Vol 1. If you have any tunes or mixes that you think would sound good on Starlifter Radio send me a message via Twitter @starliftertv or email drh (at) starlifter.tv – choice!


Some dude simply known as James has started a blog about the Christchurch music scene called “yrgoldenage” http://yrgoldenage.blogspot.com. I guess you could call it a gossip column. Anyways here’s what he had to say about Missy G and I…

Dr Hitchcock and Missy G at a Mixtape Connection gig.

SCENE ELDERS -ive heard of these motherfuckers fucking up fuckers that mess with thier dj sets pretty bad eh. i’d saty the fuck away from them okay eh, they’ve been around for awhile so they have plenty of tricks up thier sleeves. anybody know who thier ringleader is? those red scarves, maybe some sort of affiliation with blood red pandas/bloodz? anybody know nething about this?

WOAH! Look-out CHCH!

:: Dr Hitchcock