RDU, Charlie ASH, and STICKERS!!!

Charlie ASH

Hi ho! How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing, fulfilling and groovy baby!

RDU 98.5 FM has finally got a new audio stream happening, yay! It’s been down for a bit but is all sorted out now. Listen via the little grey player on the right there, it even pops out!!!

Dr H fav and Auckland based Charlie ASH have a new song “wake up (you’re not asleep now)” on their myspace page and it is P-H-U-N! Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/charlieash


Finally, I’ve finally sorted out some rad little Starlifter.TV stickers and they’re the hottest thing since stereo cassettes! If you live in Christchurch you can find  them in stores around High Street (especially Cosmic Corner) or at RDU 98.5 FM. If you’re not from Church-Town email your postal address to starliftertv (at) gmail.com and I’ll send some to you ASAP, first in, first served!

Peace and guff,
Dr H