This is NOT the sound of New Zealand Music Month…

This is NOT the Christchurch sound - Vol. 1
This is NOT the Christchurch sound - Vol. 1

Well it kind of is. I just thought I’d be a little controversial with my post heading. It’s NZ Music Month here in NZ so I thought I’d play some NZ music on Starlifter Radio. Actually that’s not true either, the kiwi tunes I’m playing on my little internet radio station are getting played because they’re fucking great and I’m really diggin’ them at the mo.

To start off with I’ve got the original “This is NOT the Christchurch sound” CD. It features songs on the Indie Rock to Electro spectrum from bands and artists such as Ed Muzik, Tom Cosm, Break Mission Kills, Charlie ASH, Pig Out, Get Set Play, The L.E.D.s, Tiger Tones, 5 1/2 Minutes, Electro Pussy Posse and more. We released it with RDU 98.5 FM in June 2007 to get some attention for all the local acts we thought deserved a little more attention.

Then we have my latest DJ mix ‘Interstella Week Beats Your Intergalactic Year”, a set containing electronic beats and grooves from LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, DIM, Uberzone, The Future Sound of London, Vinyl Life & Joey Beltram, Rocha + Lewinger, Underworld and Telefon Te Aviv.

And further on the Christchurch tip we’ve got tracks from Bang! Bang! Eche!, Hypercolour, No Aloha; Auckland cats Bandicoot; and Ex-Dunners now AK kats (I think) Brains.

There is also the latest from School of Seven Bells, these guys are amazing!

So that’s the go, there’s heaps more on there as well so be sure to tune into and get down with your bad elf.

Dr H

Charlie ASH – wake up (you’re not asleep now)

Charlie Ash are back on the scene, and things are good. Despite some killer remixes of their gym-cardio-room classic O’Baby last year, I have heard little from the frizzy haired figureheads of four to the floor, dance pop for a while. Well, they’re back and in striking form. Of late, they’ve dropped a thrilling single, Wake Up (You’re Not Asleep Now), packed up their synthesisers and headed to the motherland for a string of shows and a good helping of life on the road. Wake Up, is a vocal driven floor filler, with Rosie’s tones oozing with docile husk and ever-shifting imperative. The chorus is more infectious than swine flu, has a synth line reminiscent of Radiohead’s Exit Music to a Film and drips with dance-floor chic. This track is another stepping stone to super stardom, and another peacock feather in the collective hats for one of New Zealand’s finest. Download it now!

MP3: Charlie ASH – wake up (you’re not asleep now)

:: Tom Darlow

RDU, Charlie ASH, and STICKERS!!!

Charlie ASH

Hi ho! How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing, fulfilling and groovy baby!

RDU 98.5 FM has finally got a new audio stream happening, yay! It’s been down for a bit but is all sorted out now. Listen via the little grey player on the right there, it even pops out!!!

Dr H fav and Auckland based Charlie ASH have a new song “wake up (you’re not asleep now)” on their myspace page and it is P-H-U-N! Check it out:


Finally, I’ve finally sorted out some rad little Starlifter.TV stickers and they’re the hottest thing since stereo cassettes! If you live in Christchurch you can find  them in stores around High Street (especially Cosmic Corner) or at RDU 98.5 FM. If you’re not from Church-Town email your postal address to starliftertv (at) and I’ll send some to you ASAP, first in, first served!

Peace and guff,
Dr H

Yet another TOP 5 yo yo!

This time we’ve got Mailee,  Bassist & Keytarist from Charlie ASH givin’ us her TOP 5 lovin’! Yeah! Their debut album is coming out real soon so keep an ear out for that little puppy!

Mailee – Charlie ASH

In no order (of course), at the mo’ I’m diggin on:

Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To?
Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
Anoraak – Nightdrive With You
Over The Atlantic – Celia
Princess Chelsea – Your Woman (Whitetown Cover)