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Tom Cosm
Tom Cosm @ Boom Festival

Total radness party people!

Since May 2009 Delicious Music – – has been one of the best online places to get tunes from your favourite kiwi-tronica (and a few rock’n’roll) artists, all for free and all legit. As of this week Delicious became much sweeter. With a smooth new look and just in time for May, NZ Music Month, you can now listen to Delicious artists via a fancy new player, log-in easily with your Facebook account and if you want, show support for your fav Delicious artist by donating a bit of cash, with all money donated going to the artist, good on ya mate
To celebrate this grand new revamp all this week on we’ll be exclusively playing Delicious Music artists. To tune in simply visit: or to listen in iTunes or Winamp click here.

Below are some of the songs and artists that are currently on the playlist:

Tom Cosm vs Circuit Bent – Bent Cosmos
Mr Squatch – Herbal T
Sunmonx – Schticky Digits (Delicious Edit)
Module – All This Time (Tom Cosm remix)
Sharkweek – Small Firm Peppermints
N.A.M.E – N.A.M.E.less
Ghost – Return Journey
Flaxnation – Kahwai
Herbal T – Herbert
Mr Squatch – There Is Wobble In My Dreams
Pikachunes – Fire
Tom Cosm and Hannah Flatman – The Opaque Dub
Rare Shot Blue – Ova Load
N.A.M.E – What are we Talk’n
MDT – Profeshanal
Rare Shot Blue – Sword
Pieter Borgh – ATIKA
Module – stars and sky (Invader Tron remix – radio edit)
Isaac Chambers – Vibe-braker 2
Ed Muzik – Filth
MDT – Crimson Sparkles
Sharkweek – Robospacejesus
Herbal T – deceptive
Invader Tron – Journey to the Secret Sky
Pikachunes – Shout It
Isaac Chambers – aFRO sQUELCH fUNK7
VIBRASPHERE – wasteland (Fiord Rmx)
Antix-Fiord – KARMIKLOOPS (Fiord remix)
Pikachunes – You Are
Pieter Borgh – FRANKY
Ghost – Daze

So there ya go. More rad electronica for ya, more fun things to do online.

Dr H

Module Releases Free Album, Encourages Deconstruction [Article By Matt Maguire]



Wellington-based musician Jeremiah Ross (aka Module) has just released a 13-track live album of electro music, Pattern Dot Life, with not one, but two twists.

Firstly, the album (recorded live at Sandwiches in Wellington) costs absolutely nothing to own, as it is available as a free download from Ross’ various websites. Secondly, listeners are encouraged to also download the raw song data from his website for the purpose of creating their own remixes of the songs, which can then be sent back to Ross for consideration for inclusion on a subsequent Module release.

It is not a case of getting others to put in the hard yards for him, however. While the general populace cut up, mangle and tweak his original live recordings, Ross will be busy creating studio versions of the live tracks (“Radio-type versions, as some of the live tracks are eight or nine minutes long” he says), to be released as Pattern Dot Life 2.0. The best remixes of the live tracks from Pattern Dot Life will also be included on this release.

And as Pattern Dot Life 2.0 will be available on iTunes as a paid download, those whose remixes are included also stand to profit from the venture, claiming 50% of the royalties their remix generates.

“The future is awesome” said Ross.

Pattern Dot Life lends itself well to remixing, as it is rooted in the digital realm. “It’s cross-genre,” says Ross “music I like making. It’s influenced a lot by music from the eighties, things like Vangelis… I grew up listening to ‘Synthesizer Greatest’ – it’s a homage to that”.

Ross stated he decided to do this open source project as Pattern Dot Life is “fun music that I’ve written for live stuff that I might not necessarily want to release on a proper album. I really wanted to see what people would do when they got hold of them [the tracks].”

“It’s fun and outside the normal way you have to do things [when you release a regular album]” said Ross.

“I really love writing that style of music… people can make of it what they want to” he added. “I’m just gonna have some fun and who gives a sh*t.”

Ross’ future plans include a third Pattern Dot Life release, which he envisions will be a recording of another live show a couple of years down the road. “I’d love to do that in France or Germany… the NZ electronic scene isn’t overly large” he said.

Ross is also currently busy setting up his own production studio, putting out an unrelated five-part EP through iTunes, working on Playstation game, and is planning on touring Australia and Japan throughout 2009.

The Pattern Dot Life project is a nice distraction from all that: “Working on the Playstation game is hardcore, and is pretty much taking over my entire life. To alleviate that I’m working on some fun Module stuff” said Ross.

“It’s really cool to get an idea out there, and people seem to be embracing and enjoying it, so that’s good”.

For more details, see or surf to

Friday Drive on RDU 24th October 2008 [Radio Show]

Howdy yo! Here’s the lowdown on what I played on the Friday Drive show on RDU 98.5 FM today.

Olmecha Supreme – thieves of sadness
Tom Cosm – heaps good strong board (download for free from
{Surf Report}
The Pains of being Pure at Heart – this love is fucking right
The Late Greats – he’s not it
Dimmer – degrees of existence
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – golden frost
The Tambourines – 31st floor
I was a Cub Scout – our smallest adventure
The National – mistaken for strangers
Butthole Surfers – pepper
Daft Punk – da funk (Johnatron edit)


The Girls – not I
The Mots – halfway through making myself (AK/NZ)
Benga – someone 20
[Interview with Module (]
Module – the chop shop
Rex The Dog – maximise 2008

ZZT – the worm (Database Rework of Erol Alkans Work)
[Nu Noyzzzze] Denmark Street – the new world
The Black Angels – science killer ( &
Koushik – bright and shining
Streetlife DJs – gunn crime (Streetlife Soundsystem remix)
Le Castle Vania – zero machine
6pm [Starlifter.TV Showcase]
Rare Shot Blue – In Studio – Part 1
{Gig Guide}
Rare Shot Blue – In Studio – Part 2
Tom Cosm & Module – venus (full length version)
DJ Sneak – acid talks
Fujiya & Miyagi – knickerbocker

Dr H